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Window Coverings and Specialty Window Treatments


There are several types of specialty window treatments that have unique features.


Silhouettes & Luminettes: Utilize a sheer fabric with fabric louvers for a soft look. Silhouettes are now available up to a 4″ louver size for maximum visibility.


Alouettes: Create a shutter look with elliptical 2 ¾” fabric louvers for maximum view and tight stack ability. These soft-type shades can be applied to very large window applications because of their light weight. They are available in light filtering and room darkening fabrics.


Vignettes: modern Roman style shades that roll up instead of stacking like traditional roman shades. They are available in several fabric choices and come in teardrop- or flat-style profiles.


Other products include:

  • Honeycomb arches
  • Skylight honeycombs
  • Angled honeycomb shades
  • Custom shutter arches for special window shapes

Sheer Curtains with Fabric Louvers for a Soft Look


The main purpose of window coverings is to offer a sense of privacy as well as adding a stylish factor that can tie a whole room together. Our collection of sheer curtains, known as Luminettes, offers a classic style while providing a soft separation between the interior and exterior of the home.


Sheer curtains are a classic look that provides privacy while still allowing in a good amount of natural light. When sheer curtains are paired with fabric louvers, they create soft, stylish window coverings that can diffuse light and sound.


Our fabric louvers pair well with our sheer curtains, too. These window coverings have angled slats that allow light and air into a house, just like the standard wood or metal shutters, but they offer a more stylish look.


Besides our Luminette sheer curtains, we also offer fabric louvers through our Alouettes collection. These are tight-stacking but are lighter than other louvers. The window coverings are great for bigger windows and look beautiful with sheer curtains.


Our Luminettes sheer curtains offer:

  • Maximum visibility
  • Sense of privacy with light exposure
  • Soft, airy feel


Sheer Blinds for Maximum View and Tight Stackability


In our specialty window coverings options, we have created a collection of sheer blinds known as “Silhouettes.” Sheer blinds function as average blinds do but are made of sheer fabric, like our sheer curtains, to increase visibility and light exposure.


Similar to our sheer curtains, our sheer blinds are window coverings that diffuse natural light without blocking it out completely.


They also offer a barrier between the interior of the home and the outside world, although not the full privacy of other blinds. Sheer blinds also offer high visibility so the window coverings do not obscure views.


Our Silhouette sheer blinds collection also stacks tightly when they are closed. This allows the most light to come through the window while the sheer blinds are pulled up. Sheer blinds also stack evenly since they are made of lighter material.


These window coverings are great for living rooms, since the sheer blinds allow natural light to come through but still offer some form of privacy.


All in all, our Silhouette sheer blinds offer:

  • Maximum visibility
  • Allowance for natural light
  • Tight stackability when closed


Whether you are looking for function or style, California Upholstery carries a wide range of window coverings, including our collection of sheer blinds and sheer curtains. We look to provide all of our customers with the window coverings that they want, which is why we also offer everyone the opportunity to create custom orders.


If you are looking for unique window coverings, like our sheer curtains and sheer blinds, contact us for a professional consultation.

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