Roller Shades

Roller Shades Offer an Affordable Way to Cover Most Windows


Roller shades come in a variety of decorative fabrics. They are a very simple and affordable way to cover almost any window. Because of the wide variety of fabrics available, there is a style for any type of décor.


They operate with either a loop chain system or a traditional spring roller design. Some fabric patterns have a woven wood design to provide a more natural look. All fabric roller shades are now available with a matching valance.


Roller shades:

  • Are inexpensive
  • Protect from the sunlight
  • Protect the materials inside a room
  • A well suited for office and meeting rooms.


Window Shades Can Provide Total Privacy

The purpose of windows is generally to provide a beautiful view of the exterior surroundings and bring good light into the room. While this is true, windows need to be covered at some point to allow privacy, and this is where window shades come in handy.


California Upholstery provides you with the best blend of technology and styles in window shades. These varied window shades not only provide privacy but also spruce up the look of your interiors. Window shades are available in various styles as listed below:


  • Traditional window shades providing total privacy
  • Semi-transparent fabric roller shades to block UV Rays
  • Balloon window shades setting romantic ambience
  • Roman window shades for total privacy and luxurious looks
  • Pleated window shades for large-scale designs


Fabric Roller Shades with Matching Valances


If you’re still not satisfied with the privacy and allure that fabric roller shades offer, you have the option of adorning an extra layer of fabric to your window shades to augment the beauty even more.


Fabrics by themselves are very beautiful. Fabric roller shades with matching valances, however, are known for adding extra elegance and additional insulation to window shades. We offer our customers a varied and trendy combination of decorative fabric roller shades:


  • Laminated fabric roller shades with matching valances
  • Fabric roller shades with trimmed out valances
  • Fabric roller shades with custom valances
  • Natural fabric with valances
  • Fabric roller shades with fabric covered cassettes


As varied as a fabric can be designed, fabric roller shades also well come in varied styles, colors and texture. At California Upholstery, we present you with the best combination of fabrics and window shades with classy styles and smart technology.


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