Blinds Come in a Variety of Louver Sizes


Window blinds come in 1″, 2″, 2 ½” & 3″ louver sizes. They are available in faux wood, composite, basswood, and aluminum mini-blinds. Our window blinds include:


  • 2 inch wood blinds with decorative tapes
  • 2 inch faux wood blinds
  • 4 inch aluminum MagnaView Blind by Hunter Douglas
  • 2 ½” composite blind with deluxe decorative valance


Window blinds made of wood come in different sizes. Faux wood blinds, aluminum, and composite blinds offer a great way to decorate a home without the need of washing drapes.


They just need to be kept dust free. They do not catch dirt as fabrics do, and if they do get some dirt on them, they are very easy to clean.

Window Blinds can be Customize with Larger Cornice Valances


Window blinds can be customized with larger cornice valances and decorative tapes. These cornice valances can:

  • Make the window appear larger than what it really is
  • Help with insulation
  • Hide imperfections

The cornices and valances over the window blinds bring immediate attention to the window blinds. Fabric looks better in the cornices as they appear more stylish.


Window blinds will look more luxurious when the cornice frames the upper part of them. The fabric on them can match the window blinds color perfectly or serve as a complementary contrast with the window blinds, depending on the needs and preference of each individual.

Window blinds as opposed to curtains are perfect for freeing up wall space as well.


Faux Wood Blinds, Basswood and Aluminum Mini-Blinds



Our faux wood blinds are so well made that they look exactly like wood, but are less expensive. Faux wood blinds are stylish and durable because faux wood blinds are made with synthetic polymers or PVC.


This make the faux wood blinds heavier than wood blinds while making the faux wood blinds more durable. Faux wood blinds won’t fade in the sunlight either.


As faux wood blinds are made from a plastic material, they:


  • Are less expensive than wood blinds
  • Can withstand more humidity than wood blinds
  • Can withstand higher temperatures than wood blinds


Basswood blinds are produced with poly carbonate and high quality metal, so they are durable and come in any color you may want. Aluminum mini- blinds provide a clean appearance. They are very resistant to bending and they are very functional.


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