Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb ShadesCellular Shades for Small and Large Window Treatments


Honeycomb blinds are lightweight pleat style cellular shades that can be used on small to very large window applications. California Upholstery fabricates all of our window treatments in house, meaning we can custom design your cellular shades to virtually any window size that you require.


Our cellular shades come in so many different styles and in varieties of fabrics that they can add to the unique design of any room, including:


  • Offices
    Less opaque cellular blinds will insulate and decorate while still allowing light in.
  • Bedrooms
    You can choose how to accompany your bedroom décor with any style of our honeycomb blinds.
  • Home theatres
    We can help you to find the best cellular blinds for your home theatre; opaque, dark, and plain cellular shades are generally best for this.


We also make cellular blinds in a variety of door sizes, to help keep your glass doors as stylishly insulated as your windows.


Honeycomb Blinds and Pleated Shades in a Variety of Styles


Honeycomb ShadesThere are several patterns available for your cellular blinds, as well as double and even triple honeycomb pleats in beautiful designs. Our cellular blinds are available with cordless lift systems, continuous loop cord operation, and top-down bottom-up. Honeycomb blinds also come in vertical applications ideal for sliding glass doors.


Room darkening material is great for honeycomb blinds in bedrooms and theatre rooms. These cellular shades offer top insulation benefits for both cold and warm weather environments. Pleated shades are similar to honeycomb blinds, offering a single fabric pleat for a simple design.


We can make cellular blinds to meet your business needs as well. For easy office use, we have motorized cellular blinds available.


While helping you to design your custom made cellular blinds, our designers will take into account the following:


  • The size of window that your honeycomb blinds will be in
  • Room type- some rooms will require more opaqueness from your cellular shades
  • Style of the room- to ensure that your cellular blinds will fit seamlessly into your room
  • Budget- we will work with you to create your cellular blinds at your budget level

Cellular Blinds Offer Insulation for Warm and Cold Environments


Honeycomb ShadesIn both cold and warm environments, cellular shades dramatically increase your window’s insulation. According to Alliant Energy, adding cellular shades to your window can reduce radiant heat loss by as much as 62%.


We have a wide variety of attractive, energy efficient materials to choose from while designing your custom made honeycomb blinds. Cellular shades are created using at least two layers of fabric, joining the layers at the pleats, which creates cells. These cells in your honeycomb blinds will trap air, which will help to keep heat either in or out, depending on the season.


Depending upon the quality of your windows, their natural R-Value ~ the amount of radiant heat loss they protect you from ~ will typically be between 0.9 and 3.0. The average R-Value of the insulation in your walls is 40, so a window without cellular blinds is, relatively speaking, still just a large hole in your wall.


Some factors that will influence your window’s R-Value are:

  • The number of layers of glass
  • How tightly they were installed
  • The frame’s thermal resistance
  • The amount of air space between the layers of glass


The best way to insulate your windows is with your window treatments, and among the best of these are our insulating cellular shades.


As every home or office should have window treatments, get ones that increase your home’s energy efficiency rating, like our cellular shades.


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