Auto, Marine, RV Upholstery

Auto Upholstery


Whether you are doing a complete restoration to an American Classic or just having your headliner redone we handle all projects with the same respect. We can match your original materials and colors and duplicate the original stitching design.


California Upholstery Auto Interiors has been refurbishing and restoring auto upholstery since 1972. California Upholstery is all about customer satisfaction. It’s no coincidence that people come to California Upholsterty from all over the country.

Auto Upholstery for Seats, Door Panels and Arm Rests



The advent of do-it-yourself fixes and repairs kits have empowered people to do troubleshooting and repair of their priceless possessions. While the DIY phenomenon is indeed very practical, there are some repairs that need skilled people to provide a professional finish. We at California Upholstery are known for high-quality upholstery services; we can take care of your:


  • Auto upholstery
  • Marine upholstery
  • RV upholstery


Our upholstery services are very affordable.


The interior upholstery of any vehicle, regardless of the quality and the type of auto upholstery, RV upholstery or marine upholstery, is at risk for damage at any time. Such damage can be due to accidental puncture, scratches from pets and any harmful elements than can affect the overall integrity of your auto upholstery, RV upholstery or marine upholstery, leaving your interior less than perfect.


With the availability of easy fixes in the market today for auto upholstery, RV upholstery or marine upholstery, many people have resorted to car kits first before seeking our professional help. In our years of experience, the kits are only good for minor defects.


When you are faced with a need for major restoration for your auto upholstery, marine upholstery or RV upholstery, it is best to have our highly skilled professionals handle it to save you more damages. Any auto upholstery, RV upholstery or marine upholstery task calls for an experienced company to finish the job efficiently.


When it comes to auto upholstery, our company employs professional upholsterers who can restore the original look of your upholstery regardless of the damage. Our company is known across the US as one of the premier providers of auto upholstery. We have vast experience in custom auto interiors and repair, auto upholstery seats, convertible tops, rear window replacement, arm rest upholstery and door panels.


Boat and Marine Upholstery for Interior and Exterior Projects


Marine upholstery is an art. It is not purely a mechanical job. Our company employs skilled and talented people to do marine upholstery work. It is a team effort, and through the years of honing and perfecting our skills, we have acquired the knowledge, the art and the accurate skill to repair every inch of your boat to make it stunning. We have invested in the precise tools and placed the right people in a position to perform specialized marine upholstery services to restore your ship’s furniture and carpet.


Call us for:

  • Tears
  • Sun damage
  • Custom styling


RV Upholstery for Driver and Passenger Chairs and RV Furniture


Maintaining the original look of your RV can be tedious as it is such a large vehicle. RV upholstery is one of the services that we provide to clients anywhere in the US. We don’t simply restore the obvious damage in the RV upholstery, but we bring back the good old travel memories by carefully assessing all there is that needs to be repaired. We always consider the ergonomics of the furniture inside your RV, including the RV upholstery condition to make you and your passengers feel at home on the road.


We can provide repair and renovation in any:


  • Fabric color or style
  • Fabric material
  • Furniture sizing


When you want value for your money, our company offers affordable options for your auto upholstery, RV upholstery, or marine upholstery needs. We know what you want, and we are here to satisfy you with our professional auto upholstery, RV upholstery or marine upholstery services that are worth the price.

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