Area Rugs

Persian Rugs Add Charm and Elegance to Your Home


Area rugs can be a cost-effective and smart decorating choice. Persian rugs are very durable and can be taken with you when you move from house to house. Offered at every price point and portable, our Persian area rugs add value, charm and elegance to your home.


The easy addition of an area rug will dramatically change any room’s look and create a focal point.


Our rugs from Persian weavers are woven with the newest technology in weaving looms, assuring:


  • Perfect quality
  • Perfect construction
  • The perfect look
  • The perfect area rug for your room


Area Rugs by Persian Weavers Are a Smart Decorating Choice


Persian rugs are a smart choice for decorating your home. It will give a royal look to your house. Persian area rugs have many different designs to choose from, and Persian weavers create some of the most affordable area rugs for any home.


The rugs are woven with multiple colors and come in all the styles you can imagine. You might think that Persian rugs are expensive, but Persian area rugs are available at certainly affordable prices at California Upholstery.


Here, you can order specific Persian rugs and Persian area rugs online. But, before buying Persian rugs or Persian area rugs, you should consider the following:


  • The size of your room compared to the size of the rug
  • How the rug will match your flooring, paint, and furniture
  • Buy stain- and fade-resistant Persian area rugs


Persian Area Rugs are Durable, Portable and Cost-Effective


With us, it’s easy to find quality Persian area rugs at competitive prices. Persian rugs are thought of as luxury items but Persian area rugs are much less expensive than the cost of full carpeting.


You can also take your Persian rugs with you if you move and they will usually look great long after carpet has begun to show signs of wear. You can use Persian rugs:


  • In your living room, using a sofa to anchor the rug
  • Under a coffee table in the center of the room, with chairs opposite
  • With a taupe sofa to highlight the rug’s ivory main field


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